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Child Protection

Procedures for Child Protection

The aims of the policy are to provide all staff with guidelines and procedures for the reporting of suspected child abuse and to make the parents aware of the schools complaints procedure.

The policy describes categories of child abuse and lists signs and symptoms of abuse.

The procedure which staff must follow when reporting an incident of suspected child abuse are clearly outlined together with information regarding referrals to Social Services or PSNI.

The policy includes a code of conduct for all staff and details of the procedures to be followed in the event of a complaint against staff.

Designated Teacher for Child Protection:

Mrs. O’Rawe

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection:

Mrs. Burns

Child Protection Procedure for Parents

If a parent/guardian has a concern about the safety of their child or any other child who is a pupil at St. Kieran’s nursery school:

  • can talk to the class teacher

  • If still concerned, can talk to Mrs. A O’Rawe the designated teacher for child protection.
    (Telephone: 028 9060 1293)

  • If still concerned, can talk/write to the Chairman of the Board of Governors

  • At anytime can talk to CCMS (028 9032 7975) or the Duty Social Worker (028 9060 2931) or the PSNI at Woodburn Station, Child protection and Sexual Offences Unit (028 9025 9909)

Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have a concern or a complaint. We all have a duty of care to protect children and their welfare must always be our priority.

Parent Handbook
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