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Curriculum Statement

The Nursery School aims to provide a happy, stimulating and engaging environment for all pupils. We strive to ensure that each child experiences a broad, balanced curriculum based on the established principles which underpin nursery education.

The school firmly advocates that at this stage of education the child learns to make sense of the world most effectively through play and through opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment.

Though the play based curriculum each child is encouraged to develop skills, concepts, knowledge and understanding and will be given opportunities to explore and investigate in a safe and secure environment.

Careful planning by the nursery staff ensures that the progression takes place in your child’s learning. The individual needs of all children are catered for effectively through close observation and consistent record keeping.

During the year there are two formal opportunities for parents to discuss the educational progress of their children. Staff are also available throughout the year and will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. The curriculum is supported by regular visits to the school for example, from the Zoo Exploris Aquarium and we also include a number of school trips each year to enhance children’s appreciation of the world around us.

Play activities in the nursery fall into the following main areas:
  • Imaginative play – House, SHop, Hospital, etc

  • Creative play – Art, Craft, Music and movement

  • Physical play – Indoor and Outdoor, Climbing, Running, etc

  • Table top play – Puzzles, Games etc

  • Natural materials – Clay, Dough, Water, Sand

  • Story books

  • Construction – Building, Joining, Block play

  • Baking activities

Parent Handbook
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