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Sub Criteria

In the event of more pupils satisfying the last criterion, which can be applied in the order of priority set down beside, then selection for the remaining places will be on basis of the following sub-criteria.

  1. Child who currently attend our Nursery

  2. children with brother(s)/sister(s)/half brother(s)/half sister(s) presently enrolled in St. Kieran’s Primary School.

  3. Children currently on the ‘at risk’ register maintained by the Down and Lisburn Trust who reside in the parish of Nativity.

  4. Children who, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, have special home circumstances, considered in the following order:

  • a child who has one or both parents deceased;

  • a child whose parent has a serious long-term illness (medical evidence required);

  • children who are twins (or other multiple births);

  • a child from a family of three or more pre-school age children;

  • a child whose parent(s)/guardian(s) is/are currently a permanent employee in the school;

  • only child in the family.

In the event of there being more applicants than places  remaining for the last sub-criterion which can be applied, then selection will be on the basis of the chronological age (eldest first).

Where two children have the same date of birth, final selection will be on the basis of the alphabetical order of the child’s name. Consideration will be given firstly to the surname. If the two children have the same surname, the alphabetical order of the first forename as indicated on the birth certificate will be the deciding factor.

It is important that parent(s)/guardian(s) when submitting the application form give all the relevant support information and written evidence that may be needed, including the child’s birth certificate.

All criteria will apply as at the closing date on the application form.

The Admission Criteria will be applied by a Selection Committee consisting of the Principal and three Governors, subject to the final approval of the Board of Governors.

Parent Handbook
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