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Healthy Eating Policy

In St. Kieran’s Nursery School we promote healthy eating as part of our daily routine. We provide a selection of fresh fruit and full cream milk daily, so the children may choose according to their preference and try out new tastes. Children’s allergies and dietary requirements are taken into consideration.

We aim to:

  • Eat a healthy snack everyday.

  • Talk to the children about healthy and unhealthy foods.

  • Establish a tooth brushing routine after dinner everyday.

  • Keep parents informed of our healthy eating policy.

We encourage parents to work in partnership to eliminate food and drink with a high sugar content which causes dental decay and gum disease.

Parents please note that as we have children in school with severe food allergies your child should not bring any food to school.

If your child is bringing a packed lunch to school please discuss this with the class teacher first. Lunches should follow the school’s healthy eating policy and consist of sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt. Drinks will be provided by the school.

Please note that crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks are not allowed.

Parent Handbook
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