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Settling In

The settling in process is a vital time in which each child is given the opportunity to get to know the members of the staff in the school as well as the routines of the day. It is also a short time, usually about two hours. As they settle in and become more familiar with their new surroundings the length of time they spend at school will be increased.

It is important to be aware that some children may take longer to settle than others and so parents are urged to be patient. It should also be noted that each individual child’s day will be lengthened at the discretion of the class teacher who will work closely with parent’/carers in the best interests of the child.

Role of Parent/Carer

  • Stay with your child for as long as they need you – support staff in settling your child and do not leave without telling your child you are going.

  • Bring your child to school on time and collect promptly.

  • Always bring your child every day – don’t worry if you are a little late.

  • Enjoy the time you have with your child during the settling in process – it is a special time for you both.

  • Do not hesitate to talk to staff about any queries or concerns you may have.

Parent Handbook
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